New membership application

Welcome to the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW online membership application.

Before you start, read the application package relevant to the service the company applying for membership provides.

The Application package includes valuable information about:

  • the application process
  • what information we need from you
  • our fee structure

Application packages


As a seller or supplier of energy and/or water in NSW you need to have in place an internal complaint handling policy and let your customers know about it. If you have a policy, please upload it as part of the application process. If you don’t, we have template policies you can adopt or use to develop your own

If you are an agent or if you have an agent, complete and save the agent agreement below. You will then upload it as part of the application process.

You will need to create a login and fill in the required details, including confirming that you agree to the terms of membership. A copy of the Membership Agreement will then be emailed to you. The most senior person in your organisation must sign and date the agreement. This could be the CEO, Managing Director, business owner or an executive member of the strata committee. You can then upload the completed Membership Agreement to the online application and submit your application.

Ready to start? Follow the steps below.

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  3. Continue your application or view your application status

If you have any questions email or phone 02 8218 5251.